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Empowering Childbirth Education


Our passion is to educate expectant parents about the processes of Pregnancy, Labor, Birth, and the Postpartum Experience. 


Our 2022 "Trust Birth" Childbirth Classes are:


• Free of Charge   


    Note: Registration Required


• Held on Mondays from 7:00 pm to 9:30  pm


• Each Trust Birth Series is 7 Mondays via Zoom. 


• We ask that all participants commit to attend all classes in the series.


• Scheduled for the months of:



3rd: Pregnancy

10th: Labor Part 1

17th: Labor Part 2

24th: Delivery

31st: Postpartum


7th: Live Sharing from Birth Families

14th: Dude Night (Men to Men Only!)


MAY 2022

2nd: Pregnancy

9th: Labor Part 1

16th: Labor Part 2

23rd: Delivery

30th: Postpartum


6th: Live Sharing from Birth Families

13th: Dude Night (Men to Men Only!)



5th: Pregnancy

12th: Labor Part 1

19th: Labor Part 2

26th: Delivery


3rd: Postpartum

10th: Live Sharing from Birth Families

17th: Dude Night (Men to Men Only!)


• Adults only, please. 



We hope that you will make the time in your busy schedule to join us for fabulous information and new friendships to be made!



Excellent Birth Support


Our Doulas are Fully Trained, Highly Qualified, and Purposefully Passionate about helping you achieve the birth story you have created.


They will work with you from the weeks leading up to your birth, through your labor and delivery, and will stay in touch with you during the week after you deliver.







Experienced Placenta Encapsulation

Mari Stewart has been involved in birthwork for nearly 45 years. You can expect timely professionalism that meets all standards of her training and certification with Placenta Benefits. 


Give yourself the greatest gift and reward for a job well done, by giving your body back what it needs to recouperate, regenerate, and balance your hormones back to optimal health.


If you would like to put in a request for placenta encapsulation, simply click on the Placenta Encapsulation Link below:


Thank you for visiting Birth Believers.....


Our attention to quality service and training has made us essential in the world of birth in Hawaii. Your birth is designed to be a life changing, empowering journey.  We hope that you will give us an opportunity to be a part of your process.  We are excited to meet you!



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