Tyson's Story.....

I am so thankful that I had such an awesome group of ladies as a support system to create the birth story that I wanted. The beginning was providing me with so much knowledge on childbirth education. The most important thing to me was learning that I had the right to choose what I wanted for my body and my baby. Then came the delivery, which provided amazing support and love from the beginning and way past the actual birth. My doula provided me with never ending encouragement that at the time felt "life saving" bc it was exactly what I needed every step of the way to stay calm, comfortable, positive, and most importantly, helped me get through my birth all natural, just as I planned. The best part of my story is that I had my doula, along with a team of other ladies, who became my lactation consultants. Unfortunately, things didn't come as easy as I thought it would with nursing. I really struggled and found myself getting very discouraged with the situation. I knew I didn't want to quit, but I didn't know how to make it work. For me it seemed like a huge mountain I would never get over, but for these ladies, it was just a small hiccup that they knew I would overcome. They assured me that every "problem" I had with nursing they had dealt with before and that we would get through it. And that is exactly what we did. I am happy to say that because of these ladies, I happily nursed my baby until the age of 2. They truly helped me create the birth story that I wanted. The cool thing about this group of ladies is that they help you create goals. We write them down and we have them to always pull out and remind ourselves of what we wanted to achieve in the birth and after. And they are by your side to help you achieve your goals. They gave me the push start that I needed to be an awesome mom to my amazing son. Thank you ladies!!


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