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After having my first child as an unplanned C-section, plans for a home birth of our 2nd child made it slightly adventurous.  Working as a nurse, I received much unasked for medical advice against a VBAC especially a HVAC (Homebirth after ceasarean).  I knew that God created my body to birth and was determined to do what was best for my baby, which I believed was home birth.  I had Dr. Lori Kimata and Pastor Mari as my midwife, and my spiritual sister Melani as my Doula for all of my births.  All of them including my husband were present at every prenatal visit and followed my diet, exercise and prenatal care closely.

 It was refreshing to lay back in my own bed after pushing our baby out.  My amazing birth team did everything; help with the birth tub, babysit, bring me food, help me breast feed, clean up and take care of everything in our own home.  I never even had to leave my own bed for the first few days.  I didn't think birth could get better than that, until...The birth of our 3rd child.  This birth was even more amazing than the first two! 


When I went into labor with our second child, my husband and I labored alone for the first 6 hours by our Christmas tree, which was much better than in a cold sterile hospital.  He called Melani my doula and she helped me for the next few hours get through transition.  Meanwhile our older daughter was fast asleep.  I was able to eat and drink as I pleased and labored in the comfort of our own home.  When Dr. Lori and Pastor Mari arrived, they helped me work through the next hour or so.  By that time our daughter woke up.  She was actually able to be there and help with the crowning of our new baby on the birth stool, she watched the entire process from 1 foot away and was able to embrace the amazing experience.    

Again my husband and I labor throughout the night, progressing much faster this time.  By the time everyone arrived, I was ready to push, this time in the birth tub.  This was a more spiritual experience for me as I was overwhelmed with God's love, grace and mercy while actually birthing my baby out.  I have always wanted to give birth in the birth tub, God knew my hearts desire and He gave it to me.  His perfect timing allowed my 2 older daughters to sleep the entire night and wake up 10 minutes before baby came.  They were able to enjoy the experience and help encourage me during transition.  It was so heartfelt to hear my daughters encourage me while pushing their brother out during a time that could be so painful, it was actually enjoyable, a true Holy Ghost moment.  This would have been prohibited in any hospital.

My son came out into my husbands arms in the water and my daughters watched the entire peaceful experience. Again, I laid back down in my own bed and my amazing birth team helped with everything afterwards.   I am so thankful that my pregnancies and births were not filled with fear and doubt, rather faith, wisdom and confidence. I know that attending the Trust Birth Childbirth Classes for all three of my pregnancies made the difference. I am so thankful that God was able to give me such a life changing experience!

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