Mikaela and Roman's Stories.....

I met Dr. Mari when I was 8 months pregnant with my daughter. I’m in the military and I had just moved to Hawaii by myself. Prior to moving I had been doing research on placenta encapsulation and knew I wanted to do it and get more information about it so when I googled for a local encapsulator, God introduced me Dr. Mari.
After meeting with Dr. Mari she then introduced me to her awesome team of doula’s and I was blessed to get Kristl as mine. Since I was already 8 months pregnant we didn't have much time with each other before I went into labor. Although we met short notice it didn't feel that way at all. Kristl, as well as the other doulas, made me feel so welcomed and comfortable that I felt like we had been friends for years. I told Kristl I wanted a natural birth and to labor at home and only go to the hospital when I was ready to push. Since it was my first baby as soon as I felt a slight contraction I called her. It was late Saturday night when I asked her to come over and she didn't even hesitate. Even though I labored all the way until Monday morning, Kristl never left my side once! As soon as my contractions started coming quicker and lasting longer we all drove to the hospital where shortly after I gave birth to my baby girl. Thanks to her and Jolie which was another doula who helped, my labor and delivery was everything I ever wanted.


Three years later I found out I was blessed with another pregnancy. I didn't have to even think about it, I knew I wanted and needed Kristl again. The labor and delivery of my son was shorter but much more eventful.  Again, I planned to labor at home and go to the hospital to push my son out. My labor started at about 1 in the morning on Friday so I called Kristl to let her know. Later that afternoon Kristl drove 45 minutes just to come by my house and check on my progression and pass on some words of encouragement to my husband and I. Since this was my second pregnancy and I had also attended Dr. Mari’s Childbirth Education Classes, I felt more confident and had more knowledge of the birthing process. Since I knew I was in the beginning stages I told Kristl that I felt comfortable for her to come back later and for me to labor at home with my husband. About 4-5 hours later, I called her again because I could tell I was getting closer. My contractions were getting much more intense but they were still very inconsistent which made it difficult to gauge were I was in labor. I started reaching my “I cant do it” point at around 11 pm and I remember asking Kristl to pray over me. Not even 30 seconds after her prayer my water broke and I felt my son descending so we all rushed to the car in an attempt to drive to the hospital. We got about 100 yards before I told my husband to turn the car around and asked Kristl to call 911. While all this was happening Kristl was just as calm as ever which really helped my husband and I remain calm as well. She helped walk me from the car back into my house into the bathroom. At this point 911 had already been called and I felt my son crowning. Not even 5 minutes passed before the firefighters arrived and they saw that my son was coming out so they told my husband to grab blankets and towels. While he was gone I told Kristl I had to push and calmly she said "okay" and two quick pushes later my son came out and Kristl caught him. It was an AMAZING moment to say the least.

With both deliveries, I had my placenta encapsulated by Dr. Mari which I feel makes the world of difference as far as postpartum recovery goes and I highly recommend getting it done to every pregnant woman I know. Dr. Mari sent me pictures of the process of my placentas being encapsulated and both times they were ready within a day or two.

It's extremely difficult to put into words how thankful and fortunate I am to have met Dr. Mari and her amazing team, especially Kristl. They all have encouraged me and empowered me at times I felt like giving up. They believed I could have the birth I originally wanted when I myself began to have doubt. Without them I know the birth of my daughter and son would have been completely different, but because of them it was beautiful, perfect, and a better experience than I could have ever imagined. All these woman on the Birthright team are incredibly special and gifted at what they do and I could never imagine having a baby without them!

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