Recommended Dosages, Storage, and Contraindications

General Dosage Guidelines:

1) Each dose is two capsules.

2) On Days 1-5: Take two capsules three times per day


3) On Days 6-10: Take two capsules two times per day


4) On 10+: Take two capsules one time per day


Note: These dosing guidelines are simply recommendations based on information from the Materia Medica, which is the journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Listen to your body and adjust your doses to achieve the desired effect.


Keep capsules either refrigerated or frozen in a freezer safe container at all times.


DO NOT take the capsules during times of infection. This includes the common cold, flu, mastitis, and at any time when running a fever. The placenta is one of the most powerful tonifying medicines in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It works by burrowing deep into the system to provide the desired effects. However, when the person taking placenta is fighting off and infections, the placenta can actually push that infection deeper into their system, making it harder to recover. You may resume consumption once your system is cleared.



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