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"While pregnant with my first son, I took the Trust Birth classes and met Kristl, who would later be the doula for all three of my children's births! The class was comprehensive, fun, and empowering as I learned about everything from prenatal care to postpartum. The Childbirth Educators are so knowledgeable and kind. The Doulas truly care about the mommies, daddies, and babies to be. My doulas were amazing and really, I cannot imagine having a child without a doula from this class. What I loved the most about the class was that it taught my husband how to be my partner during labor and the best support possible. He wasn't idly standing by waiting for baby to come, he was engaged, keeping me focused, cheering me on, protecting me, & bearing the burden of contractions with me every step of the way. I had an unmedicated birth on the birth stool for my first son at a hospital with my doula and two doulas-in-training guiding my husband and I through labor and delivery. For my second son, my husband and I attended the class again and learned even more about birth and what options were available to us. My husband and I chose to plan a home, water birth with a certified Midwife, Midwife-in-training, and doula. I'm not exaggerating when I tell people that my second son's home birth in water was actually euphoric and so enjoyable from start to finish! I literally laughed my baby out! The Postpartum Support I received from this class was above and beyond. I was blown away by the personal care and home visits and just how much attention went into following up with my family and I. There was no doubt in my mind during my third pregnancy that I wanted another planned, home, water birth. So we took the class a third time (each time we took the class, we learned more and more) and requested Kristl to be our doula again and this time asked Pastor Mari to be our primary midwife. Our birth team from this class is just phenomenal and I wouldn't change a thing! My third son was also "laughed out" and this time we had a photographer friend to capture these miraculous moments! Before taking the class, birth was a scary thought and totally unknown territory. But now, my husband and I see birth as such a beautiful, joyful, and sacred event. I highly recommend this class and this birth team to every expecting couple I know."

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