Kingston, Vera, and Jaxon's Stories.....

 Doc Mari had been with us since the birth of our first child. Our first wasn't the best of situations but she was incredible, being there for us by taking great care of our placenta and delivering our caplets back to us as soon as humanly possible. She did so for all three of my children.

She was so supportive and such a great resource that when we went to the home birth route our midwife Dr Lori Kimata hooked us back up with her as our additional birth support for #2. Mari was there to chat and then hold your hand if needed through the tough waves.

Naturally, baby #3 decided to hold out and wait until Mari returned from taking care of another birthing mama in the mainland and just a few days after she arrived he decided to come fast and furiously. She and Dr Lori were my rocks that grounded me as the waves came ever so strong. I'm not sure I could have have my VBACs without her breathing, her relaxation techniques, and her delicious jams and brownies. Doc Mari is a an angel carrying out her life calling and we in Hawaii are so lucky to have her. 

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