Sovereign and Lorrin's Stories.....

Welcome Lorrin!

"After experiencing a stressful hospital birth with my first child, we knew a home birth was just what we needed for our next birth.   Doctor Mari and Jolie from Birthright Babies and Dr. Bree from Barefeet Chiropractic, gave me the loving support and valuable information I needed to know so that I could have a safer and more relaxing birth at home than anywhere else.  Their staff has  the experience and knowledge needed to equip women to make the choice to have a birth that is beautiful, natural and special.  One moment that really stuck out is when Doctor Mari asked me to sing while my body pushed my son out on its own into the water.  This little piece of advice she gave me during labor helped prevent tearing. They don't just try to get the baby out and "fix you up after". They do everything possible to inform  you how to take care of your body while pregnant, when in labor,  when giving birth and postpartum.  These are all valuable stages in your journey in which the women at Birthright Babies are exceptionally able to help you make the best choices for your body and your baby. This is health care at it's finest.

Enjoying Lorrin at 3 hours old!
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