The Pages to Follow....

...will be filled with real life stories to allow you to listen to the heartbeat of birth from the mouths of those who brought these children into the world. 


Some births began with on and off labor for what seemed to be days on end.  Others experienced surges that began at 3 minutes apart and had their baby five hours later.  Some babies started out transverse, posterior, or breech, while others didn't even realize they were pregnant until they were nearly 6 months along in gestation.


Some birthed in beds, some on the floor, some in birth tubs, and some even standing up because their babies rushed out into their arms before they could change postion.  Whether their first or their last, the bottom line is...these are THEIR stories.


They are personal!


They are exhilarating!


They are exhausting!


They are real!


So, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and come along with us for the journey of life as we relive and retell these birth stories that we hope will be preserved from generation to generation.

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